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Sunday, April 25, 2004

been with my good fren andrew this few days... had a lot of fun.. though best frens dun meet often. the instant they du, they connect naturally... really miss the days when he was still in sgp... had tonnes of fun and led carefree lives... like kids... it really is diff from wat is on right now... we watch dawn of the day on thurs.. it was good at first, then kinda spiral outta it and went down.. the ending was stupid... but tts my opinion... the tot of zombies occupyin the whole world is disturbing but i know my God will nv allow tis kinda thing to happen... this is his creation after all...


Posted at 10:01 pm by LyVmTu
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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

everyone has pride... no one wana admit their mistakes... i am tt kinda person? sometimes... i tink i am starting to lose my self control again...

had a discussion today in class with sharon, lj and andy.. tokin bout futhering of studies... why du these pple wana leave Singapore and migrate to other countries.. i mean, leaving is good, but not migrating.. this is our home after all... anyways, had 4 free period today... becoming disruptive in class... "saras lost her black marker again".. lolX.. and then.. well.. nbm.. next timez

Posted at 11:51 pm by LyVmTu
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Friday, April 16, 2004
lei shui

fallin back into one of the usual depression thingy again.. often i 'counsel' pple, giving them advise, yet when i apply it on myself, i falied miserably... when and how can i finally not think bhout tt.. i wana break off and juz concentrate on wat im duin, to forget bout everything.. i rely on myself for duin so.. hurtin others in the process.. sometimes im too hyperactive, others, i was too emotionless.. loss in my own tots.. tots tt remind me of the things i dun wana remember... often i listen to frens tok, but i nv grasp wat they say.. i was oni thinking.. this love has indeed taken a toll on me.. i juz wana forget.. and move on.. tryin to convince ttt there lies no hope in waiting.. i really dunno.. i have been stuck in this dilema for the past yr.. sad but true.. i really wana go on, but this things happening ard me lagged my progress.. i did feel the slight change of attitude.. mine.. but it aint enuf.. juz a lil wind and im back to square one.. i hope to get over with this soon.. everytime i hear them tokin bout this, i get fed up with myself.. i dunno, wana dun care.. but this brain of mine juz wun du so for me... i nv wana change. yet tiz part of me urge me to go....

went to the esplanade for a concert today.. pipes and pedals.. it was kool.. the musicians played songs from harry potter, star wars, lotr etc... oni 4 sec4.. me, raj, jade and lawyer.. went to KFC after tt.. had my dinner there.. now im back home.. thinking.. juz now the 3 of em said something tt st me thinkin.. why? i dunno.. i juz remain silent.. part of me yearns for her, part of me dun wana listen.. yet to study my stuff... history and poa test tml... sigh

Posted at 12:17 am by LyVmTu
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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Recently been slpin sooo much in class... falling back into the deep chasm of slumber.. sigh.. slp in eng, poa, chem, physics etc.. oni nv fall aslp in maths and mt... lolX... tml got a pipes and pedals concert.. hope its gona be good... needa wear formal stuff... still dunno what to wear.. see how first ba... darn... so sianz

Posted at 09:32 pm by LyVmTu
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Friday, April 09, 2004
late night in singapore

wenT to a pool hall at the old woodlands interchange.. with raj, andy, jl, xr, jun, ch and jeff... played quite a while till like 11 like tt, then decided to go eat.. while walking outta the hall, jl discovered his handy was missing... ouch* anywayz, this two ah bengs came walking towards us, one of em wearing a striped blue white shirt like a clown.. i happened to look up then he started scolding me.. LOLX.. i was like... fine, i gave him my silly face and walked off.. then jun remembered him sittin at our bags.. so we suspected him... we were debating on the bus wheter to lodge a police report.. then we reached causeway pt, the nearest police staion was at admiralty... and we walk all the way there.. stupid horz.. but quite fun larz.. go report.. anyway, im sick and tired of this lil bits of lawlessness in my country.. i wana be a police man, for my ns if possible, so as to protect my fellow citizens.. seriously, my dad was a police man as well... sigh.. took a taxi home after reportin.. shared with jun, jeff and ch.. all live diff place.. LOLx... reached home at 2

me mum dad and godma gave me red packs for me bday.. traditional stuff.. and my sis gave me a blue quiksilver wallet which was real kool... she is old.. muahahah.. and then my aunt woke me up with a md... hmmz.. still tinkin wat tu du with it..

to all christians.. a good friday to all.. this is a time to remember wat the Lord has done on the cross for us..

Posted at 01:42 pm by LyVmTu
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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
it's hard to be a human..

well, juz wana thank everyone whu chip in their heart and money to get me a birthday prezzie, from the wonderful blade sword, the beautiful wallet and the thoughful box of sweets and chocs.. thankz tp Raj, Siva, Andy, Hazel, Harsharan, Er cong, Angie, Mao, Khai, Eddy, Wen Bin, Jade, Jun, Yee Joo, Wei Ling, Mandy, Kelvin, Mei Fang, Dan, Yazid, JY, Wei Ling, Saw Hui and Sharon.. in no particular order, and by the way, Sharon shares the same bday with me...

well, i learnt tt i shdn place my hope in anyone, cuz humans always fails, and thanks to all whu wished me this morning..

im not special to anyone...

crap ard in class the whole day.. Sharon And Shaw hui, the chocs and sweets will make me very fat u noe? but its one of the most totful gifts i ever received.. yeah, and i need those to sweeten up my life.. things are gettin bland.. haiz, juz a few more hrs and its going to be gone, and i have yet to get the one thing i really want... it aint gona be special, now i feel how andy felt... :S

pink is kool

Posted at 07:06 pm by LyVmTu
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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

guitar assessment on sunday..  practiced so hard thru out the week.. yet didn du well.. tots keep coming into my mind.. the call on sunday morn... its the crappiest one i have ever received.. it's bout sense of urgency.. its already late.. troubled for the whole day.. i wun ask if there was no need to du it asap.. am i to blame? maybe i shda gotten the stuff myself.. anywayz i tink i failed miserably.. i blame no one.. it was a combination of factors.. juz needa get this off my chest...

had a tok with couple of frens yesterday online, rasyidah, sharon and mao.. so long nv tok le.. feel so good to finally chat with em.. maoz.. u will always be my best fren, and i treasure the frenship i have with u.. dun worry, as long as u find me, i will be there.. though sometimes i may be pissed from havin to wake up early... did miserably for my chinese and tml is test chinese and physics... going to church for bible study on book of isaiah.. rasyidah asked me a question.. and i seriously dunno the ans.. sad huh...

anywayz tiz song is 'still', one of my fav songs.. very comforting...

Posted at 06:26 pm by LyVmTu
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Monday, April 05, 2004
SaD yEt? nahz..

wenT to sake sushi again.. like addicted since last week liaoz.. fun.. supposed to treat andy but he went out with.. u guess.. jearlene... and her good frens.. so end up me jun and raj... crappy raj.. made me choke on my food with laughter... lolX.. hiding food under plates and basically duin all the stupid things he is fond of.. hehe.. tml got chinese spelling.. better go prep.. yaz passed me a pic of shawn with his hands on sharonz.. lolx.. funny... kkiez.. better stop, else pple start tokin...

Posted at 09:39 pm by LyVmTu
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Sunday, April 04, 2004

i may look tough, but i have a heart
i may look mechanic, but i have a heart
i may look unsympathetic, but i have a heart

sometimes i act like i dun, but i have a heart
sometimes i behave like i dun, but i have a heart
sometimes u cant see it, but i have a heart

it may not seem like a heart
but it's a heart
just like any other hearts

tis heart is human
tis heart is flesh
tis heart can bleed

it is now
and rightly so
no one cud have known
or seen thru the fake facade

this heart has known
pretense since it met you
tis heart nv wants to be the same again
tis heart needs...........

Posted at 09:53 pm by LyVmTu
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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
MawkiSh GriN

pink is for gurls


hahA.. HappY toDaY.. goT my tinG xiE reSuLTs back.. nt BAd... firSt timE somemorE... if noT is AlwaYs faiL onE loRz.. hAd chEm remediaL, diD teSt foR anion.. aS usuaL, the Lab WAs Chaotic... siVa so Nice Give us praC lessonS but WE aLwayS meSs the LAb.. stiLL goT phySicX tExT to CopY.. so sianZ.. tt tanG vERY #$@#.. mE LoSe mY tExTbk shE aLso wanT mE to copY.. sic.. now aLso LosE mY chi Yu biao alReaDy... yeAh yeAh.. anD noW me Mum NagginG mE to GeT oFF thE comp.. arGh.. sickEninG... gtG LiaoZ.. canT stanD it when She StaRts to naG... i wiLL gET so FrustraTed... shEE likE venT heR anGer thru nagginG me.. sCreW it

Posted at 08:53 pm by LyVmTu
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